s-club party

Hey, it's been too long, but I'm back ((and on spring break)). The snow is gone, I'm home again, and I stopped on the path the other day, bent down a tree-branch, and saw pale green buds!

I took this a couple years ago in the spring, at a nature reserve near my school.

So, update on the Polaroid camera. I found one that takes 600 film - at this thrift-store where I volunteer. I was in the back room sorting some donations when I came across a Polaroid Land Camera, in mint condition! The woman next to me - no one likes her - told me to put it on the free rack (aka the rack for crappy, broken things). Apparently, "no one uses those things any more." Plus, "they take such crappy photos." Anyways, I gratefully snatched it up.

Of course, just as I get a camera that works, they stop making the film. CVS ran out when I was there, so I had no film. And they got more right when I went broke. Perfect. But I finally got film, so pictures coming soon! I am so excited - hopefully I'll get some good shots in Florida during break.

This was taken from http://www.flickr.com/photos/lilylove/2591997015/in/set-72157614387471687/


Shade said...

NO way!
Where did you get the film?
I thought polaroid stopped making polaroid film?
need some film for my baby(camera)

Stevie K. said...

I'm so happy I found some! If you have CVS in California, they might have it there, otherwise I'd try any old drugstore. They don't stock it all the time though, so if they don't have it I'd keep checking back. Good luck!

Shade said...

yaa they do have CVS over here!
wow thanx so much