shoot the breeze

I went biking today, first of the season. It was a bit chilly, but the sun was out and it smelled like spring.

I took lots of pictures today. I'm getting a couple rolls of filmed developed ((hopefully I'll have some good shots)), but I also took a couple shots with my digital camera. When the sun starts setting, I plan on heading over to Olana ((Frederick Church's home)) to take some more pictures.

Bike ride.

New shoes - New Balance.

Bike ride.

The tree I climbed. The skills I learned in P.E. actually came in handy.

So I kinda failed at taking pics of my new sweatshirt, but whatever. I'm just lucky a car didn't come and run over my camera.

Sweatshirt - H&M

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Mary said...

wow, crazy trees. sounds like a nice day:)