cr8tive recreation

Everywhere you look today, someone's wearing a pair
of brightly colored, shiny, or glaringly white sneakers.
They've become extremely popular, and for good reason -
they look great. So here's a company I don't think many 
people have heard of, selling quality footware.

Creative Recreation is a relatively new brand 
of sneakers specializing in shoes that look sophisticated
and modern, feel good, and can be worn to work. Their 
sneakers vary greatly in style, from upscale to more 
casual. Some of their shoes, like the ones pictured
below, could even be moon shoes. 

I recently purchased a pair of more everyday 
shoes from them, which I am very pleased with. 
They're comfortable and look great, and weren't that 
expensive, at least not compared to other sneakers 
being sold these days. Mine were around $90, but 
they range from about $80 to $130. They also just 
released their new fall collection. Check it out at their 

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