Who Knew?

I was recently in New York City, where I ran into this great
store, Muji. They recently opened an outlet in SoHo, and then
in May, they opened a flagship store in Times Square.
The store is a Japanese retailer that sells a range of things 
including a great selection of pens, clothing, and furniture. I 
really go there for the pens. They come in a large variety of colours
and write like heaven. I highly recommend them. Another 
big seller is their toe-socks (below), which are like mittens for 
your feet. They're eco-friendly and very comfortable. 
If you're ever in the NYC vicinity, I recommend checking
it out. 

Also, yesterday I met a friend and some of his friends at 
the Dutchess County Fair. It's a big event where I live, with
lots of rides, fat American foods, and livestock. It's actually 
a lot of fun. My camera stopped working right when
I met my friends, so here's just a couple pictures I managed
to get before. 


Muji's cotton toe-socks. Très cool.

Muji's bitchin' pens, and some of their colours.

The flying swings at the fair. 

The Tilt-A-Whirl, which went surprisingly fast. You should have seen the kid in the car next to us. He looked rather...uncomfortable. 


Shade said...

When i was in Paris Visiting my dad and grandma there were Muji bags everywhere.

Shade said...

thanx soooo much for the comment! i got the glasses from the council thrift shop. After i pop out the lenses because you cannot imagine how strong the prescriptions are! The council thrift shop is a pretty good thrift since its a jewish chain of thrift stores. So all these rich jewish ladies donate their clothes there, which are usually designer brands. So its good quality!

jumpoffacliff120 said...

i'm the friend, everyone.

P.S. didn't you have a Skyblue Muji pen that you used during Bio?