heroes & thieves

Here's a song I really love, and I think the music video
is also very well done. Vanessa Carlton is known for her older 
songs such as A Thousand Miles and Ordinary Day, maybe
even White Houses and Nolita Fairytale. As an artist, 
she has evolved so much from when she first recorded
songs at just 16 years old. Now 28, she relatively recently 
recorded a new album, Heroes & Thieves, which is 
very beautifully done. Her use of strings makes every song
so great to listen to. It's a very summery album, and 
just generally happy. This is my favorite song from the 
album, so I hope you enjoy it!

Hands On Me

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Liam Walds said...

Cool stuff. I saw her live in July (she was opening for someone else). We got there a bit late, so I may have missed this (great) song, or she didn't play it.